Thomas Langley (b.1986 London, UK) is a multi media artist and has practice that includes painting, sculpture, performance, drawing and installation. Langley's dualist concerns create an approach and working attitude; derived, as if from equal measures, of love, hate, frustration, elation, business and pleasure.

During his studies at the Royal academy schools London, Langley started his paradoxical quest to "Buy Mum A House" Series 'Mummy's Boy' to support his mother.

Playful, often childish materials and colour choices unify the pieces into the realm of humour that revels in the social nerves it strikes. Street culture and working class ethics speak for the social malaise and boldly asks us to wake up to reality, and fix it.

The breadth of his working methods is a means to discover and explore new territories for artistic comment. Langley is interested in the idea of manual thought -how thinking gets into an object. In parallel, he likes the idea that this manual thought could blur the boundaries between an artwork and the artistic life that gives rise to it. His work is often self-referential although approaching certain universal truths through that; the human condition, or more specifically the artistic condition, are what he strives to make contact with.

Thomas Langley graduated from Royal Academy Schools London (2018) and previously studied Fine Art at University for the Creative Arts Canterbury, Kent.

He now lives and works in Lisbon, Portugal.